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Virtify is committed to serving as a valued source of information and insight for life sciences regulatory compliance professionals. Our thought leadership encompasses every aspect of regulatory content management—from the development of new technology standards to strategies and best practices that advance the practice of compliance in a rapidly evolving global regulatory landscape.

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Product Data Sheets

Case Studies

White Papers and Articles

  • Information Segment and Reuse Project
    This independent study examines how a structured content management approach used across pre-clinical and clinical study documents would benefit a top ten global life sciences company.
  • Effective Tools for Efficient Operations:
    To enable optimal operations in your organization for sustaining high performance and growth in the Life Sciences industry, consider certain factors to attain an ideal mix of tools and complementary processes that will result in more efficient operation. Virtify’s document discusses these key considerations when selecting new tools for continuous improvement and alignment with a changing environment: Strategic Change Orientations, Best Business Practices, Climate for New Opportunities, Adoption Methodology, and Operational Compliance.

Recorded Events

  • Complimentary Webinar Part 2: Developing a Simple, Cost-Effective Approach to RIM. 
    Presenters in this webinar event provided tools and best practices that will help Regulatory professionals to initiate internal conversations around developing a RIM approach. They have discussed the development of a framework for initiating a RIM project, how to capture and communicate ROI and how to leverage quick wins in the process.
  • Complimentary Webinar Part 1: What is Regulatory Information Management and Why Should You Care?
    Regulatory Information Management (RIM) means many different things to different people – commitment and correspondence tracking, product data, etc. For small and medium-sized organizations, the biggest challenge is defining RIM within the context of their own business needs. Complex systems and processes requiring significant resources don’t make sense for smaller, leaner organizations. Yet, these companies must address the same compliance, strategic planning, innovation and productivity challenges that larger companies face. Virtually all find that the resources spent on a thoughtful approach to RIM pays for itself many times over.
    • Presenters: 
      Dr. Satish Tadikonda, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer and
              Board of Director, Virtify, Inc.
      Bernie Coney, Product Manager, Virtify, Inc.
  • VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE on Addressing the EMA EVMPD Mandate where pharmaceutical company executives discussed the steps they are taking to comply with this mandate. 
    The Roundtable Report can be downloaded here.
    • Moderator:
      Dr. Andrew Marr, Managing Director of Marr Consultancy Limited
    • Panelists:
      John W. Kiser, Senior Director, Regulatory Operations, Abbott
             Laboratories, USA
      Dr. Jörg Lautz, Head of Application Management Group, Global Regulatory
             Affairs, Grünenthal GmbH, Germany
      Gordon Topping, Associate Director, Information Strategy, Takeda Global
             R&D Centre (Europe) Ltd, UK
      Richard Eddershaw, Director, Regulatory Informatics, Global Regulatory
             Affairs, GlaxoSmithKline R&D, UK


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