Virtify announces new release of Virtify® RIM to add XEVMPD functionality to its Regulatory Information Management platform

Lexington, MA, November 4, 2014 – Virtify, a leading innovator in content and regulatory information management solutions for the life science industry, today announced the release of Virtify RIM 3.1. With this release, Virtify has added major new functionality to its regulatory information management platform to support management of xEVMPD information and required submissions to the EMA. Virtify RIM users can now utilize a rich set of xEVMPD features as part of a full regulatory information management implementation or as a separate product with a future upgrade path to a full RIM product suite. In addition, Version 3.1 provides a foundation within the Virtify RIM product to meet upcoming IDMP requirements that will be effective in 2016.

Virtify RIM is a web based solution that enables regulatory professionals to keep up with the rapid changes in the regulatory environment while addressing efficiency imperatives. In contrast to other solutions, Virtify RIM integrates into the tools companies already use. By leveraging these existing tools, Virtify RIM makes it easy to build and maintain essential regulatory operations data, including product registrations.

Virtify RIM streamlines the effort to provide a single source of truth for regulatory information and emphasizes ease of use and deployment in order to simplify daily tracking and recording tasks. It seamlessly tracks filing plans, correspondence, commitments, submissions and product changes throughout the product lifecycle. Virtify RIM 3.1 automatically aggregates submission and product change data to produce detailed product registrations, eliminating the need for manual maintenance of product registration records. By providing transparency into regulatory activities, users across the organization have easy access to the data they need to for quick, informed decision-making. By adding the new EVMPD module, Virtify RIM helps organizations preparing for the upcoming IDMP compliance requirements that will be put in place by 2016.

“Virtify RIM addresses the needs of both executives who want visibility into global operations and of regulatory professionals who too often struggle with fragmented information,” said Dr. Satish Tadikonda, president and CEO of Virtify, Inc. “Virtify RIM provides competitive advantage, enabling a holistic view of regulatory information management as an enterprise-wide process. Significantly, Virtify RIM is also available as a SaaS, or hosted solution, and it offers emerging companies capabilities typically only available to larger organizations with deep pockets and substantial IT support capabilities.”

About Virtify

Virtify is the market leader in Structured Content Management software solutions for life sciences. Organizations rely on Virtify solutions to reduce time-to-market, risk, and costs by managing and automating the complex regulatory compliance and content exchange requirements throughout the product life cycle. Virtify’s easy-to-use software suite is the industry’s only solution to provide a secure, collaborative, web-based environment for managing regulated content throughout the entire continuum – from pre-clinical through product registration to commercialization. The company plays a leadership role in the development of global regulatory standards and is an active participant in a variety of standards committees. Virtify’s software products combined with comprehensive professional services and deep domain expertise enhance quality and compliance for some of the world’s leading life sciences companies.

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