Virtify Unveils Virtify® SCM 4.0 – Bringing Major New Advances to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Labeling Organizations.

Lexington, MA, November 6, 2014 –Virtify Inc. today released Virtify SCM 4.0, one of the biggest advancements ever in software technology to improve labeling management in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Virtify 4.0 introduces several breakthrough labeling related innovations to the Virtify structured content management (SCM) platform. This latest release of Virtify SCM is designed to give labeling professionals a powerful new tool to drive dramatic improvements in the consistency of labels, control of label content deviations, and the efficiency of global labeling processes. Virtify SCM is also used by other clinical and regulatory professional in the life sciences industry to help manage the complexities of creating, maintaining, and leveraging clinical and regulatory content.

Global pharmaceutical and medical device companies are experiencing significant challenges in labeling management due to increased demands from health authorities, expanded global operations, and the need to lower costs. In response, many have initiated projects to improve efficiency, quality and consistency in labeling management. The standard paradigm has been for labeling groups to operate in silos and use either manual or semi-automated, copy/paste/email processes to assemble thousands of individual pieces of information into product labels for use worldwide.  Growth and change make it increasingly difficult to control and manage label content, and ensure consistent and compliant label changes. This jeopardizes compliance and patient safety and leads to inefficiencies in product development.

Virtify SCM marries the ease of use of Microsoft® Word with the power of a life sciences-specific structured content management solution in order to automate or streamline essential label content management tasks in a global labeling operation. The 4.0 release has many built in tools specifically designed to fit labeling process flows and meet specific requirements for global labeling management. For example, it automatically provides label content pedigree, supports parallel versions, includes a wealth of tools to control how content is used such as snoozing notifications and locking content, while providing language support and artwork integration.

"Labeling organizations at global pharmaceutical companies have come to realize that there is tremendous upside to moving from a document paradigm to a content or information fragment paradigm,” said Eric Meyers, Vice President at Virtify, Inc. “Virtify 4.0 lets labeling professionals continue to work in the familiar Microsoft Word interface at the document level, but marries this to a very powerful, industry specific structured content management platform.  As a result, with minimal training or change management, they can use it to drive tremendous efficiency and compliance improvements to their labeling activities.”

About Virtify

Virtify is a leading innovator in content and regulatory information management solutions for the life science industry. Organizations rely on Virtify solutions to reduce time-to-market, risk, and costs by managing and automating the complex regulatory compliance and content exchange requirements throughout the product life cycle. Virtify’s easy-to-use software suite is the industry’s only solution to provide a secure, collaborative, web-based environment for managing regulated content throughout the entire continuum – from pre-clinical through product registration to commercialization. The company plays a leadership role in the development of global regulatory standards and is an active participant in a variety of standards committees. Virtify’s software products combined with comprehensive professional services and deep domain expertise enhance quality and compliance for some of the world’s leading life sciences companies. 

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