Virtify CTRR™
Clinical Trials Registration and Results

Adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changing disclosure regulations in the U.S.—and with new and emerging international registries. Optimize the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the entire clinical trial disclosure life cycle—from registration to results. Virtify CTRR makes compliance easy, dramatically reducing the burden most companies incur to comply with registration and results publication mandates (see OMB estimate of trial registration and results submission and update times).

Virtify CTRR is a unified, web-based platform built on Virtify’s Structured Content Management (SCM) framework —an open, extensible architecture that uses common infrastructure and business components to dramatically increase efficiency and flexibility.

With Virtify CTRR, you enjoy a unique set of advantages, including the following:

Registry Mirroring™—Virtify CTRR is the only product that accurately mirrors every single business and data validation rule required by clinical trial registries. It ensures error-free posting through dynamic, real-time validation of content with more than 5,200 PRS rules.

Registry Monitoring™—Exclusive XML Rules Injection™ technology provides rapid alignment with new and changing registry rules—without custom coding, cumbersome updates, or costly system redesigns.

Global Registries Expansion—XML Rules Injection™ technology enables a single, unified platform for managing all of your disclosure compliance with individual state, federal, and global requirements, enabling you to rapidly adapt to changing and future requirements.

Synchronized content re-use—Our content-centric approach allows information to be linked across the various forms required by registries. Changes in one form are seamlessly carried over to others—saving time, increasing accuracy and keeping related tasks in sync.

Parallel review and approval—Multiple authors and reviewers can work simultaneously and in parallel, dramatically improving productivity. Role-based views and configurable workflows conform to your processes.

Ease of use—Intuitive, browser-based interface and familiar forms-based data entry is easy to use and easy to learn.