Disclosure: The challenge of transparency.

To enhance public awareness and safety, regulatory agencies around the world are dramatically expanding requirements for public disclosure of clinical trials information and results. In some cases, these changes can more than double the volume of postings required. At the same time, the complexity of postings is also growing.

Many life sciences companies support this drive toward increased disclosure. However, it creates significant operational challenges for those tasked with managing compliance.

  • How can you accelerate response to meet tight disclosure deadlines—avoiding costly fines and reducing brand risk?
  • How can you keep pace with expanding, complex disclosure mandates, without increasing your operational costs?
  • How can you ensure the accuracy of postings, even as the volume and scope of data are increasing?
  • How can you position your organization to meet future changes in disclosure requirements without disrupting core processes?

Virtify has the answer

Virtify helps you address all of these challenges with a unified, web-based, commercial-off-the-shelf software product that enables you to comply with clinical trials disclosure regulations with unsurpassed efficiency, consistency and predictability.

With Virtify® CTRR, you can replace inefficient and error-prone manual methods with automated processes and content re-use to dramatically improve productivity and accuracy, while enabling you to meet evolving changing regulatory requirements in the U.S. and worldwide.