Virtify RIM


Virtify RIM: Regulatory Information Management



Virtify RIM  is a web based solution that enables regulatory professionals to keep up with rapid changes in the regulatory environment while addressing efficiency imperatives. It is remarkably easy to use and easy to deploy for users wherever they may in the organization - in the next office or around the globe.

In contrast to other solutions, Virtify RIM is a new regulatory information management system with a twist: it integrates right into the tools you already use. By leveraging these existing tools, Virtify RIM makes it easy to build and maintain essential regulatory operations data, including product registrations.


Virtify RIM provides the ability to manage information, through the feature set below: 


  • Regulatory Portfolio Planning – superior planning and decision making tool with a unified view of Product plans from Development through Post-Marketing across Markets and geographies.
  • Improve Productivity – manage activities and resources assigned to your key Business plans, giving Managers the ability to manage resourcing at their fingertips.
  • Regulatory Commitments – critical feature that enables you to manage both External and Internal Commitments for your Products globally.
  • Correspondence – track contacts exchanged with Health Authorities and seamlessly share with other stakeholders within the organization.
  • Dashboards and Views – display key data fields and records for ease of access to the information, metrics collection and overall visibility of the critical data to your organization.
  • Flexible Role-based control – provide Business Users with their own personalize view of the information, e.g. enable critical CMC Assessments be the focus of CMC staff.
  • Extendible solution – meet EVMPD compliance, while preparing for emerging standards like IDMP.  This is possible via our flexible technology, making it easy to extend to other tracking and compliance needs.
  • Streamline Business Process – Users can create relationships between Commitments and Submissions, Correspondences with Commitments, as well as link up other tracking records based on your Business rules.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook – makes it easy to share scheduled Regulatory filings, Commitments, etc. with your personal Outlook calendar.