Virtify SCM for Labeling


Harmonization and Management of Labeling Content


Labeling content is a complex portfolio of regional requirements, affecting multiple areas of business. Even the smallest change in labeling information has immense global and regulatory impact. This impact is multi-dimensional, touching compliance in several departments like manufacturing, marketing and regulatory as well as affecting local labeling requirements.

The enterprise is challenged with maintaining content consistency and propagating changes across documents, from the Core Data Sheet to the local label. With a lack of traceability, the high volume of content, and the quick turnaround required, quality and compliance is often compromised.

Yet, the traditional approach to authoring labels locks high-value content inside the Microsoft® Word document used in label creation, making it extremely difficult to locate, use, and leverage. Global labeling organizations often spend a tremendous amount of time searching for label information in many locations, including file shares, Microsoft® SharePoint, or controlled document repositories. Finding the correct version of a label is difficult, time consuming, and often futile. The inefficiencies which result from the document-based storage paradigm have a significant impact on the cost of labeling activities within the regulatory organization. With the inability of the enterprise to respond to changing market and regulatory needs, the quality of labeling information and the capacity for new product development decrease.

Using asset management principles to manage Global labeling information, the enterprise achieves competitive advantage by improving returns on labeling content assets and reducing risk.


The Solution: Structured Content Management for Labeling


Virtify SCM is a collaborative application which integrates with the familiar functionality of Microsoft Word while providing built-in content management capabilities. Virtify SCM intelligently inventories labeling content assets as they are created, a build-as-you-go approach.

The system works through tagged content catalogs in conjunction with standard Microsoft Word. This single, comprehensive source for labeling information makes reuse, management and maintenance of labeling assets straightforward and efficient. The Virtify SCM application extends the power of Microsoft Word to browse the Virtify SCM library for content reuse opportunities.

Unlike other software systems, you need not wait for all content components to be created before authoring may begin. Users launch Microsoft Word and may begin immediately editing. The Virtify SCM system will automatically link in Core Data Sheet content wherever possible. The author can then search the content library for specific regional labeling components. Whenever source label information changes, downstream users of the content are notified and given an opportunity to accept/reject changes.

Importantly, Virtify SCM automatically tracks where content is used and how it changes over time. Understanding the lineage and evolution of content enables Virtify SCM to improve the quality and compliance of labeling documents while shortening document authoring times.

The reports and analytics features provide visibility into the performance and utilization of your content inventory and deeper knowledge of your labeling information.