Virtify SCM - Structured Content Management


Taming the Complexities of Creating and Managing Clinical Content


Clinical documents are extremely sophisticated and essential communications which serve as the foundation for bringing innovative products and therapies to market.  High barriers to entry, including long development cycles, high costs, and increasing regulatory and ethics requirements, require that information contained in those documents support continued investigation, development, and marketing for decades.

Yet, the traditional approach to clinical document writing locks high-value content inside the document making it extremely difficult to locate, use, and leverage.  The inefficiencies which result from the document-based storage paradigm have a significant impact on the cost of clinical and regulatory activities, the agility of the enterprise to respond to changing market and regulatory needs, the quality of clinical information, and the capacity for new product development.

Using asset management principles to manage clinical information, the enterprise achieve competitive advantage by improving returns on clinical content assets and reducing risk.


The Solution: Structured Content Management


Virtify SCM is a collaborative application which integrates with the familiar functionality of Microsoft® Word while providing built-in content management capabilities. Virtify SCM intelligently inventories labeling content assets as they are created, a build-as-you-go approach.

The system works through metadata-powered content catalogs which provide a unified view into all information known about a product, trial, or objective.  This single, comprehensive source for clinical information makes managing and maintaining products straightforward and efficient.

Importantly, Virtify SCM - Structured Content Management automatically tracks where content is used and how it changes over time.  Understanding the lineage and evolution of content enables Virtify SCM to improve the quality and compliance of clinical documents while shortening document authoring times.

The reports and analytics features provide visibility into the performance and utilization of your content inventory and deeper knowledge of your clinical information.